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Jenny Hall Steelquist
in a place of trees

Alder Bottom Sunset Alder with Red Osier Doug Firs Side Lit
Entering Sappho with Liberties Hemlock Portrait Home from Neah Bay
Iron Springs Moonlight- Childcraft Series On Eaglemount Road
On Marine Drive Proud Abstraction Roosevelt Beach
Spring Alders Sunset Hobuck Beach Tree Multimedia
Winter Alder Solitaire Winter Alder in a row With a Red Triangle

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All work Copyright Jenny Hall Steelquist

Among all the studio classes I took in college I found my creative voice in textile design. But I soon found the back beat of a rock and roll song more captivating than the beater bar of my loom and nightspots more colorful than dye pots. So after graduating from College I found my art in my voice singing rock and roll, studying and singing jazz, art songs and opera.

A few years later nightlife and the road gave way to homesteading in Blyn with my husband, Bob. Putting down roots also meant I could pursue the career I had prepared myself for in college; teaching, and if I have been lucky, teaching art. 

This collection of work represents the fruits of my late blooming effort of the last 3 years. I have tried to capture the companionship I feel from the trees and forests of the Olympic Peninsula where I have made my home for nearly 30 years. They stand so improbably vertical along the highways I commute upon and cover the hills in the distance that fill my windshield and rear view mirror every day. Cedars tower above my home. I am surrounded by their moods: the somber grey greens of bare branch winters, the warming tones of optimistic buds in Spring, the defiant stance of craggy bluff trees, the improbable rhythmic dances of the highway choruses.  I have experimented with a number of media: water color, mixed media, oil pastels, chalk pastels and acrylic paints. Some of my lines of inquiry are short, through one or two images. Other ideas grow over conversations that extend through a number of compositions. I am finding a new voice, and you are welcome to listen in.

The display of my work will be at the Buzz in Sequim starting with the  First Friday Art Walk until the end of July 2007.

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